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SpaceX successfully launches third satellite in 12 days

SpaceX launched a commercial communications satellite using a Falcon 9 rocket, its third flight in just 12 days. The rocket blasted off on Wednesday evening at 7.38 p.m. (local time) from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, delivering the satellite called the Intelsat 35e to a geostationary transfer orbit, reports Xinhua news agency. The satellite […]

Now, Aadhaar integration available on Microsoft’s Skype Lite

In a bid to prevent impersonation fraud, Microsoft has integrated its ‘Made for India’ Skype Lite app with Aadhaar, allowing users to verify the caller’s identity online. “With the latest version of Skype Lite, Aadhaar integration can be used to verify users’ identity online, helping them communicate more securely with others,” Microsoft said in a […]

IITs move to relieve students from tech-induced stress

Five Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are taking proactive steps to relieve students from unnecessary and imaginary stress elements, said officials. “Our aim is not to pick their weaknesses but to encourage their innate strengths and then sharpen them further. We need to understand that most of the brilliant students of the country get admitted […]