Some of the important factors that can help you gauge the quality level of an institute and subsequently help you in seeking B Tech admission in Lucknow in an engineering institute known for its academic excellence and placement opportunities are as following:
Engineering graduates of well-known engineering schools are known to be competent, able and dynamic professionals who can take their organization forward and help them achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace.
The reason for this strange phenomenon though is pretty simple—the worth of an engineering degree is more or less directly proportional to the institute from which it has been obtained.
Knowledgeable engineers with the requisite expertise and knowledge of their discipline are scarce commodity and as such command a premium in the job market.
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The subject matter in b-tech is compact as compared to, and there are countless segments so that you can choose the one that compliment your skills. With b-tech, you get more experience in hands-on training in various technological aspects.
Qualified engineers who can help organizations excel on technical and technological level are in high demand in the marketplace with all major corporations willing to pay them big money to get them on their payroll.
The curriculum involves a holistic mixture of classroom lectures, studio practical sessions, lab work, internship, industrial training and practical training. There are two semesters each year meaning that there will be altogether 10 semesters.